Islands of the Philippines

​The Philippines is a country located in South East Asia that’s filled with some of the most beautiful Islands I’ve ever seen. Tourism has really grown a lot here over the past 5 years but most Islands are still very authentic and untouched!



Manila is the capital city of the Philippines, however Cebu is also quite a large city island that you can fly to and from most places. If you’re like me and love beautiful beaches more than cities, then I recommend going via Cebu and checking out the Island. It’s so big, so most of it is quiet with beautiful beaches, waterfalls and my favourite part… you can go swimming with the whale sharks in Oslob. This will definitely be a highlight of your trip and is very affordable in the Philippines!

If you prefer a more peaceful location on the coast, I’ve got the best location and Cliffside resort to stay in. Hands down one of my favourite places I’ve every stayed in. The eco-friendly resort is called Fantasy Lodge which is on the top of a cliff that you can also walk down to get to the beach. There is a beautiful pool surrounded by hammocks and beautiful gardens throughout the property. 

They have a restaurant and bar on site and also arrange many different activity options for you including the whale sharks. If this is something you are interested in doing then staying at Fantasy Lodge is a fantastic option anyway because it’s much closer to the whales than the top city part of the island. Resort details are below:





Boracay Island is small, but a touristier Island in the Philippines. You can only get there by ferry (from Caticlan or Kalibo) but the Island is absolute paradise! I couldn’t tear myself away from White Beach; a 4km stretch of the whitest sand, lined with palm trees and bustling restaurants, shops and bars. The tourism and crowds is actually a nice change if you have already been travelling for a while on the Philippines! You can also see the most beautiful sunset from here every evening.

There are plenty of resorts and accommodation lined up along this beautiful beach, definitely one of the best beaches I’ve ever seen. However if you are looking to get a bit more authentic and away from all the hustle and bustle then definitely check out Bambooz Hauz where I stayed. It’s a bit more off the beaten track but cheap pricing also very close to the beach and town. The owner Suza is so lovely, details are below:




I also recommend visiting El Nido and Coron on Palawan Island! Stay tuned for a more detailed post on this Island soon.

Ange X

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