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The Maldives consists of 1200 islands in the South Asia region. It’s known for its snorkeling, stunning white sand beaches, and blue lagoons. I can promise it definitely lives up to its name. Every island that I went to is heaven on Earth! Easily the most stunning country I have ever been to and I was surprised by all the different Marine life, which made it such an amazing experience.

You can read my previous post here about the Maldives local islands for a cheaper, and authentic way of exploring the Maldives. But for this post I’m going to be talking about the private resort islands! I stayed at 2 resort islands, both were absolutely stunning but my favourite was Fun Island Resort & Spa.

As far as private resorts go this is more of a budget friendly resort option, however I was blown away with how professional and luxurious it was! The speed boat transfer was great and upon arrival we were greeted with a welcome drink and meal if you want it. The island is surrounded with plants and trees, plus lounges all around the waters edge. You can walk around the whole island in about 20 minutes which is really beautiful.

On one side of the island is a really big and stunning lagoon with the whitest sand and bluest water! Surrounded by palm trees, lounges and a beach bar with fresh coconuts this was my heaven! On the other side of this lagoon there is a big sand bar that leads to a smaller island called Robinson Island. They also offer a boat trip every day to take you there for free!

The most amazing part of this island is the amazing reef and marine life you find, especially at the end of the jetty. I’m talking hundreds of different colourful fish, sea turtles, cornet fish, and even lots of reef sharks swimming in the shallows. You can't miss them but they are harmless!


Fun Island also offer lots of different water sports and activities.  Although, this can be quite costly, if you are on a budget I recommend bringing your own snorkeling gear. Scuba diving is also available.

Everything about Fun Island Resort was beyond expectations, from the rooms, to the service, food, beach, marine life, nature and beauty! Check them out at the links below:




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Xx Angie

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